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Museworthy’s seasonal post reminded me of a past event. A couple of years ago, Spirited Bodies did a pietà-based pose for a drawing event in London. The inspiration and the pose are shown here. Two English men and two American women provided plenty of pounds for the dollar.



How time flies! I have just realised how long it is since I last posted here. In part, this is because the blog concentrates on the life modelling part of my work, and this aspect is largely dormant during the summer, when colleges are closed between terms. However, that doesn’t wholly excuse my laziness since the Mall Galleries post.

It is still apparent how much more work there is in many jobs, including that of the life model, in and around our capital city than in other parts of the UK. Fortunately, my home is only about 1 hour 15 minutes from London by train, so I can go  there reasonably often when interesting opportunities arise. Spirited Bodies in the Mall was one such, but I have also enjoyed working with Stuart Weston on his photographic project Altered States, with a renowned portrait artist on a yet to be finalised series of paintings, on the MCAC charity campaign, and with a variety of life artists and groups offering novel approaches to the subject.

More routinely, modelling work has continued at a slow pace, but with some encouraging trends. One college where I worked for the first time offered a lot of hours, as they teach life drawing to all of their art and design students, no matter what their speciality. In another city, the local authority started up evening life drawing classes in the municipal art gallery. They were unsure of the demand, but the uptake has been very encouraging, and continues to be so after 6 months of the scheme. I have also recently contacted my local art group, with whom I hope to work soon. My attempts to introduce life drawing as an activity for residents in care homes met with less interest.

A new college year begins this week, so I will be back to my usual working environment, as depicted below.

A cluttered studio.

A cluttered studio.

Museworthy’s wordpress blog gives a nice picture of what I face for the next few weeks, so I will end with that recommended reading.